I have a rule that I always try to follow, that rule is to always be happy!
I try to think on the bright side of everything because you only live once!!
Live life on the happy and extreme side. When you are sad or mad about something, think about all the wonderful things you have. You may not have a nice house or nice things but you have a nice world. Go outside and take a walk and have a few minutes to yourself and think about all the fantastic things around you. Being happy not only makes you feel good, but it makes others happy too. It feels good to be happy and it makes others happy too. You should be the light of everyone"s day. Yes, sometimes you will be the one who need to be cheered sometimes, but you should try your best to be happy. Some people will try to take away your happiness and make you sad, but you should never listen to anything bullies try to tell you because they are obviously missing out on happiness and good feelings. Sometimes, bullies need someone to cheer them up just like everyone else. Some bullies are people who are hurt or sad ad they think that everyone else should sad and hurt just like them, but sometimes you just need to cheer them up and tell them its okay. Being happy is and amazing thing ad if you are happy and you make others happy, then you are helping alot in making people happy.

I hope this article has helped inspire you to be happy. There are millions of things to be happy about.