Hi beautiful people,

I wasn't sure what to write about next and I am a little late, due to school and, well yeah just school. Then I thought about myself and what I like and I came to the conclusion of piercings !

I have in total 10 or 9 piercings, depending on how you interpret one. Almost all of them are on my ears, so I don't have a great amount of experience, but I'll tell you my little stories. I'll start in chronological order of when I got them and I'll explain the story behind them and pain and what not.

Sometime in 2000
Like most girls, at a very young age I got my lobes pierced. Obviously, I don't remember it at all, but since I was a baby, I'm sure it hurt quite a bit. Though from what my mom told me, she cried while I cried.

June 2014
After MONTHS of convincing my dad to take me to get my second holes pierced (on the lobes) , he finally gave in for my 14th birthday. My mom has never EVER been a fan of piercings, so I didn't bother asking her, my dad just took me to claires. I KNOW I KNOW "piercing your ears with a gun is bad", at the time I was a piercing virgin and didn't know that. Least painful piercing to get honestly, it didn't hurt at all. It was the quickest pinch and then all it feels is like this heat taking over your ears. It was about 20 dollars and I got these cute little silver star earrings. Taking care of them was easy, especially with that big bottle of chemicals they give you to clean your ears (don't use that either).

February 2015
My sister had just gotten hers done, so immediately after I again convinced my dad to take me to get my helix (cartilage) pierced. We went back to eatons centre (not claires though) but, to Trades Secret! I got it done with a needle and the earring is a small golden diamond, which I'm currently wearing. The lady used the BIGGEST NEEDLE EVER and sticked that shit in my ear. Honestly, it hurt. Cartilage is obv much more painful since its harder and not just skin and "fat" I guess, like your lobe (what the heck is in your lobe? idk). Again you feel that heat and you can feel the struggle to get the needle through the much thicker cartilage. Taking care of a helix piercing is hell. I went through a good 7 months trying to get this thing to heal properly until I did it. It started after I stopped cleaning it constantly. Then a month in, I changed the diamond to the ring. The ring was a bit thicker, so it irritated the piercing, so I went back to the diamond. After another month I returned to the hoop and this time refused to take it off, even though it was irritated, so my ear could get used to it. Not a good idea, it was swollen and red and bloody for a while. Then at one point it was so bad, I accidentally pierced another hole right next to it not even realizing. I went back to the diamond and waited for a while and now I'm just fine. Depending on which earring I wear, the hole will adjust to a size, so sometimes it hard to fit in thicker rings when I was wearing a thinner one, but its all good.

June 2016
I decided to go back to claires with my dad to get my third hole pierced! I'm really good at convincing my parents to get what I want as you can see. Again, quick pinch and that heat the takes over your ears. These hurt a little bit more honestly, but still not bad. Sometimes these piercings will get irritated and they still attempt to close, but it's nothing serious.

August 2016
Right after I turned 16, in Ontario, Canada, you are allowed to get piercings on your own as long as you have an ID. So, I told my dad I was going to go get my health card, which needs an ID, so I went with my passport to Adrenaline on Queen Street to get my septum done. I had wanted my septum done for so long and I finally decided. I went with my friend and I contemplated to do it or not for like a good 10 minutes outside the store. I went inside, signed papers and waited. YO I WAS SO SCARED GUYS. So I went inside the little room and the guy talked to me about it and then he sticked those clamps in and I was shook. Clamps don't hurt, idk why some people say they do. Then he counted to 3 and stuck the needle in. HONESTLY IT DID NOT HURT. Quick pinch and that was it. I just had to soak it in sea salt and then I was good. I payed I think $90, including tips. My nose was slightly swollen, but thats normal. Healing process was super easy and it did not get infected at all. It didn't even bleed when I got it pierced. I still have it now and I love it, I can't look at myself without it, I feel nude. Sometimes I'll get annoyed so I just flip it up. I absolutely love it though and I never regret getting it.

July 2017
So my most recent addition is my industrial. I was planning to get it as a birthday gift and since I work very close to Adrenaline, randomly one day I just went to get it after work. I went by myself, it was a sudden "yolo" decision. I went in and I was very nervous because I know how hard it is to take care of helix piercings, especially since an industrial is basically 2. Again, I went inside and the piercer explained what he was going to do, then he began. The first one isn't so bad, the second is worse because you're already in pain. HTG though when they stuck the needle in I heard these 3 pops of like the bone breaking, it was so ugly. Now I am struggling SO HARD to take care of this dumb thing. I have like 3 keloids around it and Im going to go to Adrenaline soon to ask if they have something to help get rid of them. The second night I slept with my industrial, you're told not to sleep on it, but I move a lot in my sleep so idek. I woke up from that night and my ear was drenched in blood. It was disgusting. I freaked out so bad, like my entire ear was coated in a thick layer of blood. The hair near my ear was full of blood. I still have pillows and suck stained with blood. I do recommend that if you're planning on getting an helix piercing, be prepared for a possibly long treatment (this may not be true for everybody.)

Anyways, thats all the piercings I have up to now and I do plan on getting a few more. I absolutely love getting body modifications, I think its a great way to express yourself and your personality. Many people would disagree with this, but its your body and you should be allowed to do whatever you want to it, as long as your not causing any harm. I know were all already beautiful, but to me things like piercings and tattoos are enhancing the beauty we already have. I must get back to doing my history homework sigh
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