it's 1:00 a.m.
i still think about it now and then ..
how i said i won't get attached .. how lonely i was ,,and how i met new people there,,

it's been 2 years now,, 2 years since i've been stabbed in the back .

2 years since i've lost the sense of friendship, loyalty, and emotional attachment ,,

and then i met you ; yes! it's been 2 years now . i remember it all too well

your little talks .. your stupid funny lame jokes .. your forehead scar .. your glimpse .

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as crazy as it sounds; you probably don't remember me ,, while i'm here awake writing this ..

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i was broken,, and you looked like you could fix me ,, too bad i wasn't ready .. i had to learn it in my way that being broken is a process of forming the woman i want to be ,, that i have to heal my own self so i won't pay no debt to anyone ,i had to wipe my own tears ,, hear my own screaming ,, listen to my crappy stories , I HAD TO BE the woman i am today..

i fell for something ; i don't know what it was ,, but i felt it .. i still feel it .
and it inspires me to be a better woman every day.

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