♥ Taissa Matilda Torres
♥ 15 years old
♥ Brazilian family
♥ High skilled fighter
♥ Weapon of choice: throwing knives

gloves, aesthetic, and black image

Taissa Torres grew up with the Reyes brothers, Robbie and Gabriel, in their neighborhood. She often seeked help from them to hide from her abusive father. This closure to them made her have a greant bond with the Reyes, being like a sister to them, and eventually becoming Gabriel's girlfriend. She became a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent when the Ghost Rider saved her from a shooting between them and the bad guys.

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When with S.H.I.E.L.D. she got the alias Huntress, and was the youngest agent that has ever worked with them. She was considered one of the most dangerous agents of her time, using terrible tortures on her victims. Using their archieves, Taissa seeked for her mother, whom she hasn't seen for nine years, but when she found her, she was killed by people who were after Taissa. Her mother's death made her colder and Taissa started hunting those who killed her mother.

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Taissa turned into Bloodlust when she was shot and killed, and seeking to save her, Robbie gave her sol to the Devil. She returned with the mission the set a score and pay it with the blood of those she had killed, eternally trying to pay her debt.