Beauty tip #1 : Putting cold cucumbers on your eyes can reduce puffiness and relieve stress

Beauty tip #2: If you´re out of blush or to young to wear it, pinch your cheeks a few times to bring color to your face.

Beauty tip #3: When it comes to hair, sometimes simpler is better

Beauty tip #4: Lip gloss is the perfect finishing touch to any clothing ensemble

Beauty tip #5: Using too much conditioner , can make your hair oily and greasy

Beauty tip #6: Make sure to wash your face every night before, even if it’s really late and you don’t feel like it

Beauty tip #7: Worrying cause wrinkles. Makes sure not to scrunch up your forehead when stressed

Beauty tip #8: Laughter is good for the body and the soul and also brings color to the cheeks
Beauty tip #9: Dabbing a little concealer under your eyes will brighten up your face

Beauty tip #10 : Make sure to blend your foundation and bronzer for an even, smoother tone

Beauty tip #11: Make sure to get your beauty sleep

Beauty tip #12: The mall is a social fishbowl. It’s important to always look your best-no sweats!

Beauty tip #13: A face mask before a big day can help your skin look its best

Beauty tip #14: Don't pick at your face when you're nervous or anxious

Beauty tip #15: Crying can make your skin look blotchy and red, but usually does make you feel better

Beauty tip #16: A new lipstick can be as exciting as a new pair of jeans

Beauty tip #17: In the winter make sure to wear chap-stick or lip balm to prevent chapped lips

Beauty tip #18: Fruits and veggies are good for the complexion

Beauty tip #19: Bangs are good solution for people with big foreheads

Beauty tip #20: Drink a lot of water for beautiful, smooth skin

Beauty tip #21: Try not to chew on your lips when you’re nervous

Beauty tip #22: When doing someone’s makeup, highlight their best features

Beauty tip #23: Dab some foundation on your eyelids for a fresh,awake look without eyeshadow

Beauty tip #24: For special occasions,wear different makeup than you wear for everyday life

Beauty tip #25: Before an event ,always do your before your makeup

Beauty tip #26:Put a little lemon juice in your hair at the beginning of spring, and you'll have highlights by the end of the summer

Beauty tip #27: a positive attitude goes a long way when it comes to beauty and life

Beauty tip #28: Dab a little perfume on each of your wrists before a special night out

* From ¨My Life in Pink and Green¨ *