i am five, stuttering over the simplest words and looking up at them with wide rounded eyes. confusion pasted all ove rmy face as they laugh at how i cannot speak.

i am ten, watching them as they roll their eyes,calling me: sensitive, too childish for the world. as if my tears have no meaning,and all my feelings should be tossed aside.

i am 12, the age where i began to compare myself with those skinny girls in my class. a thought i have never came across until they looked at me with disgust as i walked passed them wearing light blue jeans that shaped my curves and my big thighs. called me out, speaking the words: those are so disgusting on you.

i am 13, my tears turning into anger, yet i am unworthy of any emotions, because after all i am no human being. am i?

i am 15, at a party, having the time of my life until they decide to call me out: your mom was so much skinnier and prettier, what is wrong with you?

i am 17, growing the confidence, exploring the world and setting goals that i will not let ANYONE break tear down because over the years i have learned truly loving ourselves will block the unwanted despise.

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