I can't wake up everyday knowing I'm hated by the one person I love most. Knowing that my face makes them sick. Knowing I'm not the one they love. Waking up has become a struggle, an issue to open my eyes and not cry. I might sound like a victim to some, but when you've felt what I've felt, you'll understand my pain. You see, its not just about love, its about the bond. When you're in a relationship you make a connection with your lover, an unbreakable bond, share a soul, and when it breaks you break with it. Eating becomes hard. Breathing becomes impossible. Walking becomes painful. Sleeping becomes chaos. Your life was once in one piece and now its in a million. Scattered everywhere in a mess. It becomes impossible. You become impossible. Living a life you no longer want and having to wake up in horror of living it.

Written by me.