Who are you? Who am I? Who are we? No one can tell. I have mixed feelings about life, love , happiness. Life is like a Casino, love like a gambling game and happiness is the jackpot.

I remember my first crush, my first kiss. Nothing matches the movies.

couple, love, and kiss image

I guess I was left with a bitter taste in the mouth. I never kissed anyone after that. All I did was seeing flaws in every single one of them. Was it because of you? No. It was because of me. I always observe people. I analyse them in my head. I try to understand them and their behaviours. However, I can not accept them romanticaly.

Maybe I am too fed up with the atrocious things that are happening in this world: crimes, rape, terrorism, pollution, mental illness etc.

I feel like ice. Ready to freeze the soul of people who try to approach me.

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