I chose me.
I chose to remain me in a crowd of blurry faces and narcotized gowns. I chose to make myself a priority when I knew no one would do it for me. I chose to keep it together on days when everything found its way in quaquaversal cadence.I chose a soul of nimbus tranquility when most eyes flicked with malevolence. I chose not to settle for what this world almost made me become.
I chose to rise, to rebel and to hold a tongue that speaks of nothing less verisimilar of what haloes that heart of mine. I chose a road of Elysium and ruth as I knew I could never glow if it weren't for the dimness of the sidewalks. I chose me for a lifetime, a lifetime of lineament and sui generis, and I shall never give up on that.
-- IG: @sondosadel.1