I know online school can be pretty tough, especially since most of the time you're all by yourself and don't have many people to help you, plus there are many distractions! So in this article, I will be giving tips on how to stay motivated, because sometimes it can be easy to fall back and not want to do it anymore. I, myself, have been there and it is not a fun place to be in. I got so behind and it was so difficult to catch up.

1. Clean workspace

Keeping your workspace tidy and aesthetically pleasing can make it seem very inviting to sit down, whereas if it were a mess, you would rather just avoid it. You can do whatever you want to your workspace! Its your own! Decorate it however you like. The fun part is, you can change it up a bit during different seasons. I add a pumpkin on my desk during fall, etc. Maybe add your favorite scented candle, so every time you sit down you smell your favorite smell. You don't have to do this, or even decorate it at all if you don't want, but my advice is DEFINITELY to keep it clean! You won't regret having a clean workspace. :)

2. No distractions

To stay focused, try to keep your TV or phone off, because it can be very distracting. Once you're on your phone, it can be hard to get off, and then you will hardly even be working on your schoolwork. If having the TV on helps you work just because there is noise, that is perfectly fine. I keep my TV on, but I don't pay attention to it. Put a show on you've already seen, so you don't feel obligated to pay attention. Have it on quietly.

Also, for me, music is a huge distraction. I try to sing along and then my brain can't focus on what I am working on. Music without words, though, is a different story. You can do what ever is comfortable for you though! Some people work better with music that have lyrics, you do you. These are just my tips, and things I usually do during the day, and everyone is different, so do it your way if you don't like mine!

3. Make a schedule

Its good to know what classes you wanna do first, and what classes you wanna do last. Personally, I like to do the classes I am best at earlier on in the day so I feel more motivated and ready to work. Or, if you wanna get the harder classes out of the way first, that is fine. Do it your way! :) I also think it is good to have a good sleeping schedule. I know, I know, sleeping in is a big part for some people who are online schooled or home schooled, which is fine. But I have come to find that if I sleep in til 10, 11, or 12, I end up just not wanting to do it at all, and thats when I started to fall behind. Sometimes I wouldn't even log in to my school. I failed a class, and now I have to make up for it. It's not very fun.
Falling asleep early is good too, don't stay up til 1 in the morning, then you might wanna sleep in. Once again, everyone is different. Some people prefer doing work later on in the day, which sometimes is how I am. If you sleep in til 12, and are perfectly fine with doing school late, then do it! Just don't fall behind like I did.

4. Do things that make yourself excited to start the day

Create your own way to enjoy your school! If you have Class Connects (which are live class recordings with a teacher and students) then while you're listening, you can doodle, color, paint, etc. Thats what I do, it helps me listen, but also gives me something to do while I am listening. There, also, you can ask for help, and also just GOING to them can be very helpful, I feel motivated to do schoolwork just by going even if I'm not doodling or drawing. For those who don't have class connects, try reading your lessons out loud, which sounds boring but it can help you read faster and clear your mind. Whatever it is that helps you. If you have to grab a stuffed animal and have it reenact the lesson, do it, even if its dumb and you're not a little kid anymore, haha. Make it fun for yourself, but stay focused. Maybe everyday you look forward to sitting down and having a cup of tea, and starting your school for the day. Use your imagination to make it fun for yourself. Do anything! If you love reading, and all of your lessons involve reading, well then I guess you're in luck! There may be some exceptions where you can find your textbook online, and you can listen to it. There you can doodle, color, draw, or anything you would like to do while listening. Not everything can be fun though, because work is work. There can of course be some things you can do though!

5. Dont give up

This is a very cliche thing to say, but seriously don't give up! When you're reading a lesson and you just absolutely hate it and want to exit out, don't! You can do it, and you'll be so glad you did. It's better to start the day in a positive mindset, rather than starting out negative. Everyone fails at least once before they succeed. If your test is really hard, take a break! You can even take an hour long break if you'd like, then start again. (Because we can do that in online school, hehe, unless you have a time limit) Just keep trying, because the more work you do, the more motivated you'll be. If you only look all your answers up on the internet, and are on your phone all day, you won't have any motivation. It feels great to have actually used your brain to answer the questions. I've definitely been in that place, where all I do is look up the answers. Yes that is cheating I know. But what I realize now, is that it didn't do me any good at all. I felt horrible, because all I was doing was staring at my phone, alone in my room all day.. and let me tell you, it was harder. You would think looking your answers up would be easier, but NO not at all. It was worse, trust me, at first you might be like "Oh I don't even have to do the work at all haha" but then after a whole year of doing it, you will not feel the same way. I felt stuck. I didn't have any motivation, had too many overdue assignments, sometimes didn't even log in, failed classes, watched youtube instead, most importantly I felt like I was killing my brain. I of course, wasn't, because I'm fine, but staring at your phone all day can really do something to you.

I hope this helped! Remember, these are just my tips and some of the things I do, you don't have to do all of them if you don't want to! Stay positive, and don't give up. You've got this!