Hi, you reading this! My name is Tanya and I love to travel. This year a friend bought me for my birthday a scratch map and as I was scratching places I visited I realized that world is to big and life is to short not to travel the world. I want to see every corner of it. I can hear cities and places calling for me to see them and fall in love with them. I want to leave little parts of me all over the world, and maybe I will find myself in some of them. Meet new people, new cultures, try new food, learn a new language. Maybe fall madly in love with a stranger, go on a adventures and not know what tomorrow hides. One day I will make my dream come true, but for now I will share with you, my dear new friend a part of this magical planet that I have had seen. I live in Balkan area of Europe so it only makes sense to start this little journey to the countries which are the most close to my home. So get ready and hop on a plane with me. Our first stop is :

1. Prague, Czech Republic
Ahhh it's such a magical city. I like to say for it that is an modern city with a old soul. I fell in love with Prague and it's my fav city that I've been in. It has beautiful old streets, towers and bridges that make you fell like you time traveled. You can see carriages with horses, old city markets, smell of tasty food is everywhere. Prague is most know for it's beer and the oldest astrology clock . They have a milion of different flavors and alcohol %. The thing I liked the most is Karl's bridge full of street arts and status with beautiful history.

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Our next stop is Bella Italia, better not forget your passport! See you in Pisa! #part2