I thought id try this sort of article out as I've had some articles turn out decently good!

if you're like me, can't be bothered or can't afford to have a snazzy WHI worthy bedroom? Then you've came to the right article. Here is a decent amount of ideas you can use that are cheap and affordable to make your space a lot more snazzier!

1. The Plant

I find that plants can make a very huge difference to a room, they are vibrant and give you the sense of nature around you. i recommend succulents because cacti are evil and any other house plants are a lot more maintenance for my liking...

plants, aesthetic, and interior image
this can be found in all sorts of plant based stores (obviously) but they really make the difference.

2. candles

My all time favourite! A pretty, fruity smelling candle, who cant resist that right?
i don't exactly burn my candles as i don't want them to look nasty so i let them sit there just for decoration... or if there's a power cut then i guess they'll just have to be used. They're cute af anyway!

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you can find these type of candles everywhere! Literally. They can sometimes be a little expensive but they're defiantly worth it.

3. fairy lights

if you want the cheapest alternative way to not burn your home down then fairy lights are defiantly an option, a great one too! They're so cute and subtle (plus they take up space if you don't have any). i weaved mine through my bed and round picture frames, i also have draped them from one of my bookshelves

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even your pet can be a great thing for your bedroom ;) although you can get these type of fairy lights in any home/furniture store.

4. boxes

just hear me out for one minute! Nice, aesthetic boxes that you can put literally anything in that would either be cluttering your room or been eaten by a pet, what else is there to like huh?

rose gold, aesthetic, and tumblr image
how could you not like this? very snazzy and cute!

3. jars

these are perfect for putting fairy lights in them, or storing things also. you can literally find jars anywhere in your home (or even the trash)...

aesthetic, flowers, and theme image
i was then becoming more lazy looking for cute pictures... but this is honestly pretty cute.

i hope you enjoyed this as i certainly recommend everything on this short list! good luck with the furnishing and have an awesome day :)