We've all seen

those McDonald's commercials on TV where they are hyping up the burger so much. They will make sure to show you every angle of the burger so you can see how 'good' and tasty it looks. They'll drop the ingredients in slow motion so the burger looks stuffed and big and don't forget the final shot... A customer taking a bite from the oh so delicious burger and acting all extra leaving you kinda curious wether it actually tastes that good.

Once you get to Mcdonalds you order that burger from the commercial and when you see it in front of you it's nothing like you've imagined. The burger is small. the buns are thin, the meat tastes like rubber and you're left disappointed and maybe even a little mad since you probably rushed your way up to the Mc rocking your flip flops and still in PJ's just to get the burger looking like that guy who went to picture day in PJ's

Image by Coco Image by Coco

In life a lot of things will look good at first but in reality they really aren't.

Think of a cute boy or girl who seems way out of your league but all of a sudden seems interested in you and you're completely head over heels but eventually the relationship leads to problems, problems and more problems...

But why are we being lead into temptation even when we don't deserve it?!

The devil is a deceiver and a liar. It is his speciality to make things look good at first, so good you ignore your limits, you ignore your intuition and even worse you ignore God's voice.

Image by Coco
The devil wants to show you all the 'good' of the world but God the Creator of this world wants to show you His beloved Son who is better than everything this world has to offer

In Matthew chapter 4 you can read how Jesus was being tempted by satan in the wilderness. satan was trying so hard to convince Jesus of all the 'goods' of the world in return for obedience because that's what he wants after all. For you to obey him instead of the Almighty God.

"Then the devil led Jesus to the top of a very high mountain and showed him all the kingdoms of the world and all the wonderful things in them."
— Matthew 4:8 ERV

Don't fall for the tricks of the devil. he might show you all the good things of the world but know that it's all a lie and God can show you far greater things that are actually good and pleasant.

We have to rely on God and pray for His Holy Spirit to guard and guide us through our hardships. But also need to resist the devil like Jesus did.

With God you will never and I repeat never be tempted with a commercial burger and end up with a fake one which looks nothing like the commercial. God will give you what you expected and even greater than that because He is God and wants the best for you

You can choose today for the good things of God and refuse the 'good' things of this world!

Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.
— James 4:7 KJV

Much love,


(IMPORTANT: This is not an advertisement to turn vegan! lol Everyone should eat whatever he/she wants! )