Autumn is my absolute favorite time of year. Its when all my favorite trends come back into play such as the classic sweater, leggings and boot combo(anyone who complains that its so basic can kindly leave because that look is cute and so comfortable!) While there are many trends that are autumn staples and will continue to be on trend every September there are also a few new trends that have popped up. Here are few autumn trends that I have being obsessed with are will be rocking this fall.

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Jeans and fishnets, with the cooler temperatures rolling in to time to break out you favorite ripped jeans. i personally fee that ripped jeans will never go out of style and fishnets are a great way to spice up any outfit and layers with jeans its gives such grudge 90s vide to any outfit
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Keeping up with the layering theme bralettes are not going anywhere this fall. the latest trend is pairing you favorite bralette underfeed a mesh bodysuit or lose shirt. bodysuit became insanely popular the year and with all the different way to style them they are a great staple to have in you wardrobe.
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Velvet is showing up everywhere this season, from dressed to shoes to chokers it is becoming a fall favorite this year.
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In hair color warm browns, reds, and oranges are everywhere right now. Earlier this year we were introduced to the tigers eye trend and it is the perfect blend of colors for fall, the best part is it can work with any shade of hair so you don’t have to go to a dark color for the perfect fall color.
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Last but not least the fall trend that I look forward too each year is dark vampy lips! There is just something about a dark lipstick color that makes me feel unstoppable. with so many shades and finished and undertones there is a dark lipstick color for everyone.

I have some many things planned for this fall i cannot wait to rock all this looks this season!

love ands rockets- earthtomaryx