It’s a prom season. I am excited and I am sure you must be too. Glamorous dresses, corsages, ask-out, tux’s, dance and after party. High school is incomplete without prom. Boys always wonder why have girls always obsess over getting the perfect dress, makeup, and hairstyle. That’s because for girls prom is like a real-life fairytale. They want everything to be superb for their perfect night. They want to stand out unique from other girls. So, girls, this is for you: here are some tips and tricks to make your prom night memorable.

• Prom Timeline:
You have 3 months before prom start planning. First things first, buy your prom tickets. If you want to look attractive start working out for 47 minutes 2 times a week to tone up your body. Start looking for prom dresses and hairstyle designs during the first month. In the second month book your limo and find accessories, shoes and clutch. Book 2-3 facial from now to prom for glowing skin. Beginning of the third-month book salon for hair and makeup appointment. Three weeks before getting your final prom dress fitting done. On the last week get your waxing done. One day before getting your nails done, steam your dress if needed and hand it loose on a hanger. Prom Day, relax and hold the hand of your partner, having fun on this magical night looking glamorous.

• Choosing your Best dress for prom:
The dress is the most important ingredient for the prom. The girl always tries to look unique dress for the special night so that they can stand different from other girls. It is equally important to choose a dress according to your body. Many girls fail to realize it and some regrets it over life. Everybody is different from other, similar every dress purpose is different from another. Just because your best happens to have a straight figure and she wears a sheath dress, you also have to wear the same. No, don’t do that. It is very necessary to know your figure and then choose a dress for yourself. Here are some guidelines for choosing your perfect prom dress:
Hourglass shape figure- the ideal body for every girl. The bust and hip are exactly similar whereas waist is narrow, which gives your killer curves. To show your sexy curve wear a fit and flare gown.
Pear shape figure- if you happen to have hips and backside wider than your shoulders than choosing a short dress or A-line gown. Pear shape may also be similar to hourglass shaped figure.
Straight shaped figure: This figure is common. In this, you have the whole body in balance. Wear empire with off shoulder or sheath gown.
Apple shape figure- that means you have a wide torso, board shoulders, full bust and waist. A-line or ball gown would go best for straight shape.

• Choose your hairstyle:
If you have a dress with v-neck, half up hair would look great. For a strapless dress, put all your hair down. One side pony style for a one-shoulder dress. All hair pulled back for a high collar dress.
• Things in your clutch:
1. Lip-gloss or lip colour you are wearing.
2. Small bottle of perfume.
3. Gum or mints.
4. Bobby pins and safety pins.
5. Compact mirror.
6. Blotting paper.
7. Adhesive bandage.

• Enjoy the night!


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