i spilled my heart on the pages filled with ink and empty words of secrets and enlightenment. while the rain was reaching out, i lit a candle and pondered in my own thoughts.

girl, window, and vintage image

september was the month of being me. i tried my fullest to enjoy every bit, but my thoughts got to my head too fast, and my heart wasn't in it like it used to be before. my walls became the most empty they had been for a long time. my art became scribbles and i had never felt this misunderstood.

quotes, place, and sad image

i wasn't happy or sad. i was angry. at myself for not trying my best. for not loving that one person before it was too late. for letting myself be selfish enough to forget about her voice. forget her smile. forgetting her. how she just - went away.

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what had been joyful months for the last fourteen years in a row, now became like the rest. i was numb. staring into countless words in black and white writing.

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my poem of september 2017