Hello sweethearts,

I am so addicted to watching tv-shows (I prefer it over movies lately). And I watch a lot of different shows at this moment, so here's my top 5 favorite tv-shows from September 2017!

☆ The Secret Life Of The American Teenager: So this is a show I started watching last week and I am addicted! Even though the lines and conversations are sometimes pretty cliché and kind of cringy, I still enjoy watching it. It's about Amy who finds out she's pregnant from some boy. But the question is: how is she going to handle her pregancy at school, when she's just a teenager?

☆ Grey's Anatomy: Talk about perfection. Well, okay not perfection, but amazing. This show makes me burst into tears every episode. It's about Meredith Grey, this amazing doctor (the woman who deserves everything, my president) who is a doctor at the Seattle Grace Hospital. Disclaimer: a lot of your favorite characters are going to die, so happy watching!

☆ Skam: So this is a Norwegian show about teenagers at the upper secundary school in Oslo. Every character has been portrated so good and the whole storyline, the events that are happening are so real. I recongnize so many things from my own life which is pretty awesome. And every episode is so chill, you can just sit back and relax, which is what I need after school.

☆ Riverdale: A lot of you guys probably know this show. I have to admite: it's not my favourite show, the acting is not that good (Cole Sprouse kills it tho) and it's just very basic, but there's still something that gets my attention. I can't stop watching it, not knowing what's going to happen in season 2. It's a very popular show, in my opinion 'too popular'. A little summary: season 1 is about the murder of Jason Blossom and the dark things that happen in Riverdale.

☆ Shadowhunters: Save the best for the last. This show is my all time favorite show. Okay, season 1 is pretty bad; the acting is not good (Matthew Daddario and Harry Shum Jr. are thank god the savers), and the special effects are very cheap. But season 2 killed it and it actually made me read the books (6 books, yes 6). The show is about the Shadowhunters who save the world from demons, but they get help from the Downworld. It's pretty complicated to explain, so just watch it! Another reason to watch it is Malec; two guys (a Shadowhunter and a Downworlder, which is not common and not very accepted) who are in love and happy. Just watch the Malec kiss at the wedding and I know you guys will loose your mind. Trust me, I still do.

So this was it. Happy to inspire (I hope). See you guys soon, stay save and happy!
Kisses, Michelle