Hey everyone !
I returned to made the Disney Challenge inspired by @TypicalGirl48 !
I'm in love with Disney. It's a part of me ❤
Enjoy !

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Your favorite character :
Lefou ( 2017 version ) and The Mad Hatter

beauty and the beast, belle, and disney image
alice in wonderland, johnny depp, and alice image

Your favorite princess :
Belle and Rapunzel

beauty and the beast, emma watson, and gif image
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Your favorite heroine :

mulan, disney, and believe image

Your favorite male character / prince :
Flynn Rider

disney, tangled, and flynn rider image

Your favorite hero :
Li Shang

mulan, disney, and gif image

Your favorite animal :

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Your favorite sidekick :
Timon & Pumba and Pascal

disney, gif, and hakuna matata image
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Your favorite villain :

idiot, disney, and scars image

Your favorite original character :
Donald Duck

disney, duck, and donald image

Your favorite song :
Evermore from Beauty and the Beast

beast, beauty and the beast, and black and white image

Your favorite love song :
L'amour nous guidera from The Lion King 2 ( french version of Love Will Find a Way )

find, gif, and lions image

Your favorite villain song :
Soyez Prêtes from The Lion King ( french version of Be Prepared )

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Your second favorite song :
Strong from Cinderella and Beau cerf-volant from Mary Poppins ( french version of Let's Go Fly a Kite )

cinderella, disney, and movie image etsy, Mary Poppins, and office supplies image

Your favorite kiss :
Belle and the Beast

beauty and the beast, belle, and disney image

The first movie you saw :
One Hundred and One Dalmatians

disney, dog, and 101 dalmatians image

Your favorite classic :
Beauty and the Beast

rose, disney, and beauty and the beast image

Your least favorite classic :

disney, gif, and pinocchio image

Your favorite Pixar film :
Toy Story 2

toy story, woody, and disney image

Your least favortie Pixar film :
A Bug's life

disney and a bug's life image

Favorite sequel :
Mulan 2

2, disney, and mulan image

An overrated movie :
I don't know 😂

An underrated movie :

Amy Adams, disney, and enchanted image

A movie that makes you laugh
Monsters, Inc

disney, movie, and monsters inc image

A movie that makes you cry :
Saving Mr Banks

disney and saving mr banks image

Your favorite scene from your favorite movie :
The scene where Woody is repaired from Toy Story 2. I'm fascinated !

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Saddest death :
Mufasa's death

disney, mufasa, and simba image

Your favorite quote :

The second star to the right, and straight on till morming
— Peter Pan

Because like Peter Pan, I don't want to grow up

peter pan, disney, and never image

Your favorite theme park :
DisneyLand Paris. I'm a french girl guys 😉

disney, castle, and pink image

Your favorite theme attraction :
Star Tour

disney, disneyland, and star wars image

Your favorite theme park show :
Disney Illumination

disney, disneyland, and illumination image

Thank you to reading ! ❤