I love you because of your soft, mellow and gentle voice, the way it moves through my body giving me sensual feeling... How you talk to me, making me feel something mushy and sentimental inside.
I love you for your presence, being with me, the feeling of togetherness. when we will meet and when we always talk, i always forget things i want to tell you as i drift into an oblivion of your admirable love. We may have our regrettable arguments which we make up by smiling together with our stupid jokes and laughing uncontrollably for no reason!
I love you for the way you make me smile and the way you make me feel, how you respect me. Your cuteness just over runs my mind like dozens of fluffy kittens... You're my best friend, the only human being that loves me for me and not for trying to be someone I'm not. You complete me, your laugh is completely admirably adorable, your goofy weird noises you make and lastly for now, I love you so deeply, i love you so much, the joy you bring to me everyday, i loved you from the day i met you and ill love you forever with all my heart.