Autumn is finally here,so I'm sure you're looking for different and funny ways to have the best time.This season is definitely full of magic and without too many effort you can have the best time of your life,which by the way,don't forget is always in the small,little moments of our life.Here are some things you absolutely have to do this autumn.

1.What about a fall photoshoot?

You don't have to be a model or to have an expensive camera to have your own fall photoshoot. Just do your makeup,wear your favourite clothes,take whatever camera you have,call your friends and just have fun and get lost in the autumn colours. Your instagram feed will also thank you.

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2.Have a picnic
If you would like to enjoy your day outdoors,in the middle of the nature,but you don't wanna leave your best friend-food-,a picnic with your friends might be the best thing to do. You can also eat with your family outside,and share some wonderful stories together.

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3.Go shopping
Remember when our dearest friend,Blairr Waldorf said that ''whoever said money can't buy happiness,didn't know where to shop?''. Well she was quite right since shopping is also a good idea,specially during fall time,where we wear the best clothes and accessories.

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4.Read a book

We all know perfection doesn't exist,but reading a book on a rainy day,under the blankets,near a fireplace,with a good cup of coffee,is really close to the definition of perfection. So,choose a book that you really like and get lost in its world. (P.s if you don't have a fireplace try watching a fireplace video on youtube,it can fool your mind and it's relaxing)

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5.Netflix Binge
We are mostly a generation of Tv series addicts,but there's no shame in it. Choose your favourite one and watch it all day,and don't ever feel bad about it,and don't forget the food,obviously. I've lately been obbssed with Gilmore Girls,I know is an old one,but I've never seen it before,and I really enjoy it. Besides is so funny and it screams ''Autumn time''.

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6. Go for a run
Of course we can't just stay all day in bed watching netflix,we also have to move a bit,so go running could be a very good idea. I think this time is the best for a run,not too warm not too cold,and the view is also incredible. And don't forget,the more you run,the more pie you can eat. Of course is also good for your health and it can also help you when you feel the urge to run away from your mess. The best therapy,definitely.

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7.Create your own playlist
You know what is one of the things I love most about music? That when you listen to a song after a while,it reminds you of the exact same moment you used to listen to it. It makes you live again those moments,bringing all the memories back. So find some goods songs,create your own autumn time soundtrack,and live your movie.

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8.Decorate your house
Another funny thing to do this autumn is to decorate your bedroom,or your entire house if you want. Buy some candles,put some lights,some pumkins,a lot of blankets,whatever makes you think of fall.You can also try some diys,there's plenty of them online. Just be ceative and bring autumn in your house,too.

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