We don’t know when we enter this stage, and when we are actually doing with it. Teenagers are supposed to let loose. Teenagers have no regrets. Teenagers have no time for love because they play it cool. And blah blah.

When we are in school, we know, we are supposed to have fun because apparently, college life or uni life means digit life. But once in uni, we still have fun, as if we got out of prison after 15 to 16 years of our life.

There are love stories a lot of them that we hear about or they witness or probably experience.

When this word TEENAGER, comes to our mind, there are so many things, we think about. Clear after class, we keep learning, we keep moving on. Sweet 16, we are supposed to have our first kiss, 17 let loose and once you are 18, you have wild as your middle name.

Let's get honest here, teenagers do hide a lot of stuff. But they often talk about it as well. Today, there is no such thing as REAL, coz there is only REALITY. Everybody is talking about teenagers and their problems, providing solutions and many more million things that few teenagers are not even interested in.

But what they are not even is the stage of those people, who are out of school and are soon going to enter a university. Because everyone thinks that they are old enough to handle things on their own. Once again, in their life, they are shoved into the rat race of competition.

Poor us, don’t ever know what we feel live?

So, let's talk about it
What’s first?

• Long-distance relationship
• Crushes which is your first love
• I began universities
• Dream collages
• Pursue your dream
• Second, what the future holds.

• Option 1
“Love distance relationship never works,” they say. But who are they? Probably, the are that never wanted it to work. If by any case, life throws an option of LONG DISTANCE RELATIONSHIP. At your, grab it, ever if you have to crawl all your way round to get it. You love your other partner face enough to start dating, so why not long distance relationship, why? Because you are scared the other one will find someone way better, and you will end up getting a heart. Or, are you scared that you will find someone way better?

• Option 2
Crush. Those cuts people you can’t first stop thinking about. Those people, who become utterly buttery delicious, and all you want to do is jump their bones when you see them.

But it is natural, where once your crush becomes your first love, or second etc. But whatever the case is, go for it. No matter if you're a guy or a girl.


If they share the same feeling for you, you just hit your lucky start or else they can shove there are for NOT INTERESTED please up their tight ass for all your care. Just kidding. No need to be rude. There may be people out there, who have a crush on you, but you are just interested. Respect feelings.

• Option 3
Everyone wants to get into that university that has a great reputation. If that’s what you want, then GO FOR IT, buddy. There is nothing holding you back. Make your loved ones proved and work your ass off.

• Option 4
Apart from me my league university, there are few of us, who have a DREAM COLLAGE. Always put it as an option, even if it’s the last. Do not give up. Once you lose hope, you lose yourself. Keep it as an option; you’ll definitely get into the one, which is best for you.

• Option 5
DO NOT WAIT TILL YOU ARE DONE WITH YOUR COLLAGE. Pursuer your dream now. I am sure nobody wants to be the one struggling after college for your DREAMS. If it's besides getting a job and earning a 5 digits salary. Because, if you CAN DREAM IT, YOU CAN DO IT. No matter who right now, or what you want to become. GET UP AND START. But, education is an important part of one’s life, beta. DO NOT FORGET THAT.

• Option 6
Scared about the future. Everyone is, it's totally cool. It is good to think about the future, once in a while. But exclusive of everything is bad, man. If you keep thinking about the future today, you’ll keep thinking about your past tomorrow. Do not steal away what belongs to others, because there is so much what belongs to you, Grab that before anyone else does. Let loose, yes, I am finally saying this, but about forget about your responsibilities.

Today you are 18, tomorrow you’ll be 19, 20, 21. You won’t even realize when you are 25 and finally 30. It’s not teenagers who are supposed to have no regrets, It’s us, the human beings, who should live with no regrets. Have fun, make peace, this is your chance, no one has to call your parents because you are not performing good in studies, you don’t have to get attend those boring assembles and annoying yawns of pears. It’s your time. Get excited. Read books, write books, cook, paint, bake, create and do something. Anything. No hobby, no job is small or useless if you are up to it.

Make love, don’t lead anyone on, do it, don’t get hurt, laugh, make others laugh, catch flights, watch movies, play games, but new gadgets. Everyone has a story and you are writing your own. Don’t let the coming generation close your book forever when you are six feet under. Make them, crave them re-open and re-read it all over again. Because your story could be a bestseller.

All the love,
Someone like you.


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