Be art. Be a masterpiece.
Don't live a boring life. Rise above an average mundane shit.
Wear clothes you love. Find your style. Create your signature style. Have a cool personality. And always have a kind and generous heart.

I love playing around with different styles and different eras. Basically having different looks based on a personality I create and want to project.

Get excited about yourself by creating yourself everyday! Plan the night before, or take a week to create the personality you want to project the next week, then put together your wardrobe and styling stuff, buy what you need to buy and then put it all together feeling excited and happy with it.

I find there's a lot one can do and be creative about for both female and male and whatever one's age. Creativity is endless and excitement is a feeling and state of being.

The world is not in peace, and the only way of living beautifully is by focusing on self-positivity, self-development and inner-beauty starting with your mind and heart and then projecting this positive self to the outside, the world.

Live your life creating your paradise from inside-out.

Skater girl Blossom