D3. Make a list of your favorite books

Reading books is like breathing to me - I'm a ravenclaw after all -, but since I discovered Fanfiction and FictionPress, I started buying less books than I used to, that's why my list is a little too short.

The Book of Ivy ( 1 & 2) by Amy Engel

Gift from my best friend, those books were amazing. I loved Ivy and Bishop. I loved how the world was perfectly described. I loved how it made me laugh and cry. I enjoyed my time reading them.

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Afterwards by Musso

I read it in frensh (The frensh title is Et après ). It's a great book that keeps me on breath. This book is a thriller blended with a dash of the paranormal, and a love story as we like to read them.

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the shadow thief by Marc Levy

Another frensh book that I loved. Le voleur d'ombre (frensh title) was such a beautiful book. That's all I have to say. I'm speechless !

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All credits go to @eifos9