My Dear Fellow WHI Lovers , Today Is The day I Decided to Finally get myself Together and post my Very first Article on This Amazing App because Now I know and Im pretty Sure , This is my favourite place to be.
So I thought I should start sharing and Participating with everyone in here.

I will try to post an Article every day or two but first i want To introduce myself.

I'm a girl, a woman, I better say. In her 20s'. My Name Is Hassnae but I prefer Belle, Which is the same by the way, Just a different language.

I Love Reading and Adore Writing, but you know when You love something but you are not good at it? Yeah That's me. Well I'm trying.

I love Roses,Paris, pop music, Classic music. I live for the smell of rain and the warm Hoodies in Autumn and Winter , The road trips the smell of Coffe every morning, noise of the kids playing in the street, the silly laughter of my roommate.
I love so many things to be honest, I could make a list that would go on and On and never finish.

I'm very Quiet and Peaceful, Barely Socialising yet I got hater for god knows why.

I hope reading Your articles and writing mine would Help me Improve my writing 😊

Until Next time , Good day.