You are like a Stone. Theres is Nothing close to Human in or on you. Thought you would let me in, i tried so hard to be different to be like the kind of People you let in. I tried to involve to show my Feelings and just to b someone Else so that you could let me in, but you wont you never did. i knew you will nerver let me in i knew i was the old one out, i knew it. But my hopping was bigger than my knowing, my loving was bigger than your Ego.
They said your were nice, Charming and understanding. But i saw a Human in a Stone. I imagined to see love where there was only stone. You build your walls so high that i cant climb them.This is me giving up on you.
Course i deserve Better.
I deserve love.
I deserve some Effort.
You made me doubt my self, you made me feel like am not Enough.
But now i know i am Enough and you are not to bring me down again.
You lost a kind Heart, A Friend, a Sister, A Lover you lost a soul mate.
see if i have any kind of Relationship with you, i am in it, with the whole of my Heart. i am Ready to Listen ready to come 3:00Pm in the Night just becourse i heard you
Cry, i a´m There for you and ready to fight to you. I am not Hard to Get becourse i know wich kind of Pain it is to Love someone and to be somewhere between do they like me or not. No while others play Hard to Get i Play Straight and Clear thats my Game.
So thats what you Lost, you made me feel like as if it was me. But now i know its you, i know you the one who was the Problem.
This is me Giving up on you..
Youve dissapointed me becouse i was Hopping to meet a Human in you but i wont stick around and watch you kill the Human in me. I Give you Up.

Letter to:
Every one who made me feel unwanted