My mom and dad were on a vacation, and left me to rot at grandmas. Its not that I hate my grandma, its just...... she LOVES cats and I'm allergic. So she has millions of cats and I sneeze every minute. But one night was different, one night was strange. I noticed all the cat were missing, I quickly ran to the back door to see if they were there. They weren't, I ran to grandma she was sound asleep. I grabbed the cat bowl out of the kitchen hoping if I shake it they would all come running. I know it seems weird that I care I mean IM ALLERGIC, but I love these cats more than grandma. I checked everywere and was getting very worried, they could have ran away! Then I realized I haven't checked the celler. I walked out side and reached the cellar door. I slowly grabbed the handle, and puled it open very fast. It was pitch black. I walked in and was surrounded by darkness. Then I noticed millions of eyes watching me, they didn't blink. I turned on the lights, my eyes burst into tears as I saw grandmas dead cats. They had been choked to death. I noticed something in the corner, I carefully step over them so they wouldn't be disturbed. It was a person, with a tail? And ears? I slowly tapped there shoulder, and it slowly turned around. It was grandma, only she was a cat. I was in shock. She said"o hello dery, don't you want to join us? You can become one of us."