This article is about how a friendship formed,grew and developed even though one of us was completely destroyed.

My best friend and i went to the same school but wasn't close all the time that we was there together. It took five years of knowing each other and then for us to finish school to really have the kind of friendship we do now.

When we became friends and started meeting each other outside of school,i had just got into a relationship and was the happiest i'd been for a very long time. He was my first boyfriend and i was completely head over heals for him. Before my best friend,he was the greatest friend i'd ever had! I got so attached to him for many reasons. One which of being that in school i didn't have many people i could class as true friends. He'd really calmed my anxiety too,it was hard for me to feel anxious when i was around him

Fast forward a month into our friendship and my boyfriend ended things with me, later on i found out it was because he cheated. I was broken, like well and truly destroyed. She didnt really know how i was as a person at the time so i didnt know weather or not i could open up to her,or even if i should trust her with my inner thoughts. But i did,i chose to let her in. She knew everything i was feeling. I spent near enough every day of my two week holiday in bed,not showering,not eating,not moving out from my room. And the days i decided to get up,i'd go out and get drunk. For me,and i think the reason why most people drink is to forget about the pain. Nobody drinks now to actually enjoy it,we drink to forget. To let loose of all of our problems and worries. Everyday we would face time for hours on end,most of the time i'd be pouring my soul out to her. Questioning every single decision i made when i was with, asking what i had to done wrong. Why was i so terrible that he had to hurt me so bad?

And she was always truthful with me,sometimes it was quite brutal but i now realize that it was what i needed to be told.True friends tell us what we need to hear not what we want to hear. That's what made our friendship genuine.

She saw me go from the happiest girl alive to the girl who couldn't cope with herself anymore.

Our friendship formed when i was at one of the lowest points in my life,she chose to see it through. Stick around and be there for me. I am forever grateful for that, she could have seen how much of a mess i was and said i'm going to just walk away,because really i don't have any loyalties with you. So its not going to matter that much but she didn't. Without her coming into my life at that time,i really don't know how i would have copped with those painful six months.