Hey guys!
I'm a screenwriter and movie director.
It's very challenging because the cinema industry is complicated to get in.
I decided to work as hard as I can to show people an other vision of the world.

I am bipolar. And I want to break the stigma.
A lot of people are suffering with anxiety, depression, bipolarity...
And It is important to talk about it.

bipolar, burlesque, and seoul image

I did a short movie called "The Bipolarity Project".
You can find it on youtube here : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rcU-k8pvTLk&t=1s

It's a short movie, only with music that'll show differences between the manic state and the depression.

Here are some sneak peeks :

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I shot this movie when I was living in Seoul two years ago, with my friends. Most of them are burlesque dancers!

I want to help people like me, maybe like you, who is reading this.
I am currently working on another short movie already ;)

Oh! Also, I have a YouTube channel called "July Horror show".
I play horror games in English and also in Fench !
(The Bipolarity Project is also on my channel)

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You can check it out here :

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