I'm not saying my face is fab, i am saying I love my skin how it's even my face is oil and rest of my body dry lol

OK my angels I'll will show you my beauty face's skin list.

  • Masks:

I love nature things and make my own masks with my stuff makes me more comfortable.

  • Use remover & gel to eliminate dirt.

Being honest I don't have these things but I have to get soon. If you have it, you are lucky and use it every fcking day.

  • Mosturize after shower.

Always! Don't forget never ever!

  • Face massages.

When you apply mosturize give massages to your beauty face.

  • Clean face twice.

When you wake up & after bed.

  • Lemon juice overnight.

Apply lemon juice on your face at night and wash it off on morning. Never put it at daytime becuase sun can give you stains.

So my angels, what's your beauty face routine?
Remember, you are doing this for yourself and just for you.

baby angel