1. Friends
I've watched Friends this year for like the one hundredth time. When I was little my mother was the craziest fangirl of Friends. She had this tendency to force mw to watch things that she liked and thus I started watching Friends and I loved it with all my heart. I remember having the sweetest crush on Joey.

friends, f.r.i.e.n.d.s, and rachel image

2. Married... with Children
Al Bundy is and always will be my ultimate spirit animal. When I was in middle school I wouldn't go to bed if I hadn't watched at least one episode of the show.

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3. Step by Step
I've always wanted my family to be more like the Fosters and the Lamberts. They might not always get along with each other but at the end (of the episode) they reconcile and forget about their differences.

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Sadly the only picture I could find in here

4. The Nanny
And the award for my favourite gold digger and diva goes to Fran Fine. I love this sitcom. I find it so entertaining and lovable.

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5. The Big Bang Theory
Another sitcom that my mother forced me to watch and that I eventually ended enjoying pretty much. I find Sheldon and the other character's wit very amusing and ingenious.

the big bang theory, sheldon, and leonard image
This looks like a album cover for The Beatles