It's at the point where I can't even form sentences around you anymore. I wish I could but I can't keep hoping for someone who will never return. So this is my last piece and if you see this please hear me out.

I'm sorry. I know those two words mean nothing to you because of what I did but I still feel the need to say it a million times. I love you. Yes, those three small words that change a life. I think I changed yours but I'll never be sure. Just never forget the promise I made to you is still important to me.

I will stay with you through anything. Can't you see that? I may have messed up along the way but I still care. If I didn't I wouldn't be writing this to you.

Now for the hardest part of this piece. I'm letting you go. I don't want to let you go, I really don't believe me. If I could think about you everyday and not let you go ever I would but I can't do that anymore. I can't because it makes me sad and I know that you only wanted to see me happy. So yes, maybe on the inside I'm hurting and broken but on the outside I'll smile and I'll smile for you. I wish you the absolute best.
The girl that broke your heart but is still your lover.
-forever and always, even if I never see you again.