Day 1 , so it's day 1 and i should talk about my self

  • Hey hey evryone as i say yesterday that i'll satrt that amazing challeng.
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this pic is so amazing because all my favorite colors euh i love it ....

let's start...

My name is Ines yesh i have a small name but this name has an amzing story This form of Agnes, Ines has always been popular since the true story of the thwarted lovers Queen Ines of Castro and King Peter of Portugal. This has to be one of the most heartbreaking and bloody true romances in history!

Prince Peter fell in love with the beautiful and lovely Ines, but their relationship was forbidden by his father King Afonso. Peter (who had been married) became a widow and planned to marry Ines, but this too was disallowed. When Peter followed her into exile, Afonso ordered Ines to be murdered in front of her own child. Distraught, Peter hunted her murderers down and ripped the hearts out of their bodies, claiming they did not have any hearts. When he later came to the throne, Peter made Ines his queen, exhumed her body and made the court vow allegiance to her.

Yeah i know it's sad story (as my life)

let's go to our principl subject ... i have 16 years old and in 7 months i'll turn 17 and belive me i'm soo exited. now i should tell u about what i love i love writing i mean writing about evrything also drawing and my dream is to be an architect and i know that i'll do my best to make this dream come true i love the clear color and the pure

colors, nature, and photography image
this color are the best way to show ppl that u are that kind of ppl the calm and cute one

so i love reading books i have over 50 books i didn't read all of them but i'll

book, girl, and pink image

i love coffee and watching tv also i have a guitar and im trying to learn an one day i'll be a guitarist . why not !

i guess that this is enough . I love youuu <3 .