Today I just want to share some of the things thats makes me happy & gets me on positive thoughts <3

1. Watching movies and series ♥

harry potter, weasley, and ron image friends, funny, and Lisa Kudrow image riverdale, cole sprouse, and camila mendes image divergent, four, and tris image

2. Taking pictures ♥

Image removed boy, buildings, and camera image camera, polaroid, and photo image Temporarily removed

3. Going for a walk in the nature, to get some fresh air ♥

nature, flowers, and mountains image forest, autumn, and nature image girl, photography, and road image Image removed

4. Singing, play my guitar, listen to music, go to concerts and just everything with music, haha ♥

beautiful, beauty, and guitar image Image removed singing image Image by Yasmin_uni∆°•

5. reading books and quotes ♥
- here are some of my faves ☺

jojo moyes and me before you image mockingjay image Temporarily removed book image

6. Everything with fall and Christmas ♥

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed snow, winter, and house image Temporarily removed