I've been extra anxious and depressed lately even though I have medication which helps me with anxiety but it doesn`t take my problems or thoughts away.
Okay I know one reason for that why I can`t sleep at night and its because I love to take long naps but I can`t help it because medicine makes me little tired.
But what about the other reason?
Well I think a lot. A lot, a lot, a lot and again a lots of thinking. I guess it`s basically overthinking or something like that. It can be a good thing but then it`s also a curse.

I`ve been thinking about that how I`m not where I want to be and not surrounded by people I want to be with. I may sound rude but that is the truth. I live in a stupid small town where I just don`t belong. I have felt like this for years. I am in a cage. I wish I could free myself somehow.
Other thing what breaks me is that no one really understands me or can relate. I mean my big sister is the only one who understands something.

Sometimes I wish I had a best friend who I could see almost everyday, we could talk about anything, do cool stuff, have sleepovers, take pics and the best of all; there would`nt be shame of being who you are and you can be what you ever want.

I don`t know why I`m sharing all of this here but I just really felt like writing this.