"It was the first time this year I stopped to write for you. I'm sorry, but there are not many news.
Last summer I went to California, but nothing was as good as it used to be; you were not there. I learned to skate, took several falls, they would all make you laugh.
Nothing has changed much, I keep spending my days in my room, reading, writing and listening to music. I feel more empty than usual.
Last week I went to his favorite restaurant. It was nine o'clock at night, it was raining. I asked the same thing you always asked for and for a few seconds I felt close to you.
I left several messages in your mailbox, I know you'll never hear them, but I still did.
Yesterday I spent the day wondering where you are, if you are happy. Were you found by someone you were looking for? Did you find your place in the world?
Today I walked the streets, it was cold, everything was so gray and monotonous. I stopped at our favorite coffee shop, I asked what you asked for. I always hated the taste, but specifically today, I loved it, it was the same taste I felt when I kissed you.
Now I'm home, it's dark and I'm scared, but I can not turn on the light, you told me to be brave.
Even though you've broken your promises, I'm keeping mine.
You miss me?"