Day 7. Write an article about something that you find interesting.

Hygge: adjective

In Denmark we're using the word 'hygge' almost every day, and for me, it's also a feeling that I make sure to create every day. I'm writing this article, because over the last years, a word I've been using since I was little, has become famous and I think that's very interesting.

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If you don't know what 'hygge' means, I will now write some of the things that I finds 'hyggelige'.
'Hygge' to me is for example, when I'm doing something I like. That could be drawing, sewing, painting, reading you name it.
It could also be when I'm with my friend just talking while we're drinking coffee together, or.. Uh! Try to picture yourself this: You are wearing your favorite sweater, you are making yourself some hot chocolate, in a big mug, and while you are waiting for the water to boil, you are staring out of the window. Outside it's cold and it's raining. The colors on the leafs has gone from green to red.
You are making yourself comfortable in your bed, your laptop are full on battery and you have just started on your favorite serial. Your feeling safe and relaxed, and are just living in the moment.
That's only one of the thing that I finds 'hyggelige', but there is many. Many!

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You can make almost any situation 'hyggelig'. Let's say that you have a ton of homework that you have to have ready for the next day. It actually doesn't take that many string lights and cups of tea, before you goes from to confused to cosy, and before you know it, you're done.

In a nutshell, 'hygge' is just when you are having a good time and just are feeling very well. I'm sure you know the feeling yourself.

I hope you enjoyed this article and that you found it useful, and of course, hyggelig.
See you soon!


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