At the end of this is a little playlist I have put together of songs to get angry too (or just feel) including the ones in this article. I have also written a bit about what they mean to me and how I personally feel about them. Everyone feels differently about the same songs and I think that’s amazing. There is also a link to the playlist on Spotify at the end. Love x


Organisation & Classification by Willow
I love this song because it makes me angry. It is very anti-government and I love it. Willow speaks about how the government affect our socialisation and the way our society is then built because of this. She discusses how the government have "designed" us, and have made us worst for it.

Negative Nancy by Adore Delano
Adore too talks about socialisation and the way boys and girls are treated differently and have different expectations from (in her case) the father figure. She talks about how she is seen as a pessimist by her friends and why she thinks so.

War by Good Charlotte
Good Charlotte always makes me angry and I love that. There's something about them that just makes you feel. The song compares life to a War, they say how they're always on the front line and it's amazing. Good Charlotte is the type of band who can just portray whatever feeling they want in the sound of their voices and it's incredible.

40 oz. Dream by Good Charlotte
Now, at first, this song doesn't seem like the kind to get angry, but trust me- they talk about how the world has changed from an older-bands perspective. How rappers now sing and rockers DJ. They talk about how music has changed; it's like a metaphor for the way society has changed and people have become faker.

No School by Adore Delano
This song is what every teenager in a common-Western education system is thinking and feeling. That's all I can really say honestly. I am actually ao gutted this song is a new one because if I had this one in Year 10 (14 years old), I would have felt so much better.

Liability by Lorde
This is a new one for me. I like it because I relate to it when I feel like a nuisance. I get angry because I shouldn't feel like that; people shouldn't make me feel like that. And that's not my fault but I often blame myself for feeling bad about myself. Lorde says everything I feel in moments like that.

Princess Cut by Adore Delano
I think Adore is incredible, you've probably figured that out by now. In this one, she talks about the way we look at someone else's life and compare it to our own. I don't know how but it's kind of sarcastic, she says "she's so lucky, smoking in hotels like nothing, crying by pools when it's sunny." It's amazing. The way she makes you feel ridiculous for assuming someone is so happy because they have material things and an "I don't care" attitude. But in reality, they dont care because they're broken.

Teen Idle by Marina and the Diamonds
Marina talks about how she wishes she was "cooler" in high school and I think that's something we can all relate to. Either you wish you had more friends, did more things, broke more rules or just had more fun. It's something universal really.

Love, Katelyn.

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