Earlier this year, McDonalds rolled out the new signature line, which has become permanent in the selected restaurants. In recent years, the competition was not only with an old competitor Burger King, but also with the newer, more upmarket burger restaurants. Interestingly, it's the first permanent item on McDonald's menu for a long time.

Evolution menu

In 1997 another famous burger was added to the permanent menu. namely the Big Tasty. Afterwards, there have been seasonal offers for 20 years, new flavors, but not much on burger side until early 2017.

Signature menu

(read my full article here if you speak Geraman https://ungesunderezeptede.blogspot.de/2017/09/mcdonalds-signature-collection-erfolg.html)

The Permium menu offers three types of burgers: the classic, the grill and the bacon & egg. All three in beef and chicken variations: sorry, vegetarian! Interestingly, in the UK, instead of Bacon & Egg, the signature menu has a Spicu burger - which is a shame that we do not have it in Germany. So, me and my friends decided to try them out (all in beef), and compare with Standart McDonald's Burger, as well as to a typical higher end burger.

Classic Beef

One thing you immediately notice is the thicker patty, which is also juicy. The familiar taste of mustard along with ketchup is very similar to the hamburger that we all love and remember, but better!

BBQ Beef

While the Patty and the sauce were beyond expectations, the coleslaw did not impress us much - you wanted a normal salad instead. So our judgment is - BBQ burgers are better off somewhere else.

Bacon & Egg Beef

Two of three objects in this name are great, and the third is bearable. Can you guess what is what? Perhaps because I was just not a fan of eggs outside my breakfast, it was a little strange. The onion sauce seemed to be a pleasant surprise

If there is no Signature collection in your area, you can check it out at their German food delivery site! https://www.foodora.de/chain/cv9ye/mcdonald-s-dusseldorf