Here's a list of 5 of my favourite movies. Obviously there are many more but these literally changed my whole point of view on life! Movies below are not in any kind of order. Don't worry about story line unveilings.

1. The Dressmaker / 2015

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Myrtle (Kate Winslet) was accused of murder as a child and was send away. The movie begins as she returns to the town to seek revenge on the locals that did her wrong. This movie actually makes me cry and it is rare because I never cry on movies. I've seen it twice and on both times I was on tears. Fortunately it is now available on Netflix.

2. Black Swan / 2010

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I usually hate horror movies or movies even including some horrorish features but this piece of art has still ended up in to my list. It is about young ballerina named Nina (Natalie Portman). Her passion for dancing takes more control on her life than she has. Portman is one of my favorite actress' and she managed to commit quite a performance in this one.

3. Clueless / 1995

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Rich and popular Cher Horowitz (Alicia Silverstone) is seeing herself as a matchmaker but doesn't want to fall in love herself yet. Suddenly she realizes that she has been in love all the time. Even if the plot of Clueless is not the most magnificent, the characters are! I love them all, particulary Cher, and they make this movie the most legendary teen movie ever.

4. Wonder Woman / 2017

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Either fantacy or science fiction movies are not my favourites thus it was quite a surprise that I fell in love to this movie. I've only seen it once but I can still define it to one of my favorites movies ever. It tells about princess of Amazons that later turns into Wonder Woman.

5. Fruitvale Station / 2013

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Oscar Grant, played by Michael B. Jordan, has been on prison but is now trying to live a clean life and support his daugher and wife. As it clarifys at the beginning of the movie Oscar is killed with no reason by police man. Sounds sad, right? What if I told you this movie is based on a true event?