I love doing these challenges but I couldn't find a photography challenge that I liked so I made up my own. 😋

Day 1: The sky.

clouds, red, and sky image

Day 2: An animal.

animal, arte, and Koala image

Day 3: Stars.

stars, black, and white image

Day 4: Something that makes you smile.

food, Cookies, and sweet image

Day 5: Favorite food.

sushi image

Day 6: Leaves.

Image by Elle Kehoe

Day 7: Favorite Band(s).

Image removed dan + shay image

Day 8: Favorite Color.

Temporarily removed

Day 9: Chocolate.

cupcake, chocolate, and food image

Day 10: Flowers.

Inspiring Image on We Heart It

Day 11: Beach.

beach, sea, and summer image

Day 12: One thing on your bucketlist.

Temporarily removed

Day 13: Car.

beautiful, black, and car image

Day 14. Something you're afraid of.

Image removed

Day 15: Ice Cream.

comida, dessert, and kawaii image

Day 16: A pattern.

Image by Ana Maria Texeira

Day 17: Fireworks.

Image removed

Day 18: Someone you idolize.

Avril Lavigne, let go, and sk8ter boi image

Day 19: Artwork.

art, mandala, and draw image

Day 20: Your favorite season.

summer, beach, and sun image

Day 21: Tacos.

great, hungry, and meat image

Day 22: Your favorite Disney film.

disney, dog, and lady and the tramp image

Day 23: Your favorite thing from childhood.

ps, video game, and spyro the dragon image

Day 24: Your favorite kind of dog.

dog, black, and puppy image

Day 25: Yellow

galaxy, stars, and wallpaper image

Day 26: Favorite Holiday.

Temporarily removed

Day 27: Your favorite shade of lipstick.

Temporarily removed

Day 28: Something/someone you're obsessed with.

grace vanderwaal image

Day 29: Your favorite shoes.

Image removed

Day 30: Anything you want.

cactus, pink, and green image