Hey Potterheads....
This is such an awesome idea, so here are my HP Challenge opinions :)

Harry Potter Challenge
1. Fave book of the series?
Harry Potter and the chamber of secrets

harry potter, hp, and book image

2. Least fave book of the series?
Harry Potter and half blood prince

severus snape, harry potter, and half-blood prince image

3. Fave movie
Harry Potter and the deathley hallows

book, quotation, and ron weasley image

4. Saddest moment
Dobby`s and Cedrics death

harry potter, dobby, and dobby death image

5. Funniest moment
Ron tellin Harry that Hermione`s skin looks good

hermione and rom image

6.) Fave triwizard tournament challenge
The underwater challenge

harry potter and hp image

7. Fave character
Luna Lovegood and Dobby

harry potter, luna lovegood, and luna image

8. Fave Vilain
Tom Riddle (before he became Voldemort)

slytherin, tom riddle, and harry potter image

9. Fave death eater

harry potter image

10. Fave Weasley

Image removed

11. Most missed dead
Dobby and Cedric

harry potter, cho chang, and cedric diggory image

12. Fave professor
Mad eye moody


13. Least fave professor

bitch, dolores, and funny image

14. Fave wizard subject
Defence against the dar arts

15. Least fave wizard subject
Um... I can`t think of one really

16. Fave shop in Diago alley

Image removed

17. Fave wizard food
Chocolate frogs

18. Which wand of trio is your fave

19. Fave Horcrux
Harry himself

20. Fave deathley hallow
The cloak

21. Fave unforgivable curse

22. Fave hex
Tail growing hex

23. Fave spell
Expecto patronus

24. Your hogwarts house
Gryffindor (Pottermore told me that)

book, gif, and gryffindor image

25. Your animagus
I don`t know... but I always imagin a bird

26. Your patronus

Dapple Grey Stallion

Temporarily removed

27. What animal would you bring to Hogwarts
A white cat

28. Aspired Quidditch position
I dont really like Quidditch, to be honest

29. Fave magical ability
Creating an Patronus

harry potter and patronus image

30. Fave quote
"Of course its happening inside your head, Harry, but why on earth should that mean that it is not real?"

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Feel free to create your own Harry Potter Challnge and let other Potterheads know about your feels.