WHI is full of pictures and tips about how to get better grades, how to color/highlight everything and then sort it by priorities, what to eat etc.

Every student has a different method, so I will introduce you with mine:

1. Set realistic goals

No matter is it an A on your math test or just passing an exam on your college, you must define your goal. Maybe it seems easy, but at start, many of us set some really high goals, like: ,,I will have straight A's, study hard", than, after first party/laziness etc., got C and enthusiasm go down. So, set a REALISTIC goal or goals.

P.S. Ofc you can have straight A's, but if your will to work little bit harder isn't so strong, don't force yourself.

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2. Make a plan and stick with it

You can't just set goals and wait for a miracle to happen. You must make a plan - what do you need to success and how can you reach it. Without that, it's just a daydream. E.g. Make a schedule and stick with it. It can contents whatever you want and need.

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3. Let's study!

The hardest thing. To sit your a** down and study! :D You already know that cellphone, laptop, tablet etc. are not allowed, right? :D

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Well, let's start. It will be hard, probably boring sometimes, but if you want it enough, you will reach it. So, now when you are sitting, say this: ,,Now it's hard, but the effort will be rewarded. One day, you will be happy, because today you didn't give up today. And if you quit, that's fine too, but don't blame other people for your failure and dissatisfaction with your life." It works for me. :)

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Believe me, success has the kind of taste you don't want to get rid of.

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4. And where is the actual tips???

Really? You want me to tell you what are the colors of my notes? :D Or how many sticky notes, drawings and glowing :D I use? Okay.

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Come on.

You must find your own study way. Personally, I think that a lot of unicorns, rainbows and sticky notes didn't help you to study better ( if your goal isn't to be hearter of the year. In that case, that's perfectly fine), it's just a way to waste your time. Just stop finding excuses, find a way to progress.

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5. Highlight

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You can try this, but for example, I have a totally different coloring system - Orange is for definitions, green for terms, blue for exceptions... Also, I don't think that the method: ,,Let's color everything!" is right way to remember anything.

6. If you already compare yourself with someone, don't envy, just make you better

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7. Always remember: You are what you do, not what someone else says you are. Keep going.

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