I heard this song a week ago and fell in love immediately. I love Emiliana's voice, the arrangement with the guitar and the lovely harmonies, and I L O V E the lyrics. Please chek out that song, you'll 100% enjoy it!

And now, the song:

flowers, nature, and water image
My youth stood by the harbor, her hands set in a wave
Image by Nico
Like no more evening and day
girl, hair, and redhead image
Now I see the beauty I failed to see, when she was me
Temporarily removed
Life undress me of her, strip by strip
Temporarily removed
Like a silk dress she fell, to my feet
nature, pink, and roses image
She brought me flowers, said she liked my work
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I thought she couldn't do us any harm
Temporarily removed
He never liked that kind of charm
aesthetic, beige, and Nude image
But how could he resist
forest, dress, and fairy image
When her dress let in the autumn sun
autumn, leaves, and September image

I love this song so much!
Here is the link:


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