I'm procrastinating from studying for my physics exam so why not.

- Ultralife by Oh Wonder
- Absolutely smitten by Dodie

When you're mad at someone:
- lie by Halsey
- milk and cookies by Melanie Martinez
- do re mi by Blackbear
- creature by KSI
- walls could talk by Halsey
- she don't by Ella Mai

In love (???)
- call me out by Sarah Close
- would you be so kind by dodie (live version 50% way better)
- tear in my heart by Twenty One Pilots
- rose gold by Pentatonix
- radio by Lana Del Rey
- wild by Troye SIvan
- roman holiday by Halsey
- Bad 4 Us by Superfruit
- for him by Troye SIvan
- perfect by Ed Sheeran
- ultralife (acoustic version) by Oh Wonder
- sweater weather by The Neighbourhood
- best mistake by Ariana Grande

- idle town by Conan Gray
- put your records on by Corrine Bailey Rae
- suburbia by Troye SIvan
- castle on the hill by Ed Sheeran
- when by Dodie
- stressed out by Twenty One PIlots
- Fun by Troye Sivan

hanging out with friends
- there for you by Troye Sivan & Martin Garrix
- imaginary parties by Superfruit
- young dumb and broke by Khalid
- root beer float by Olivia O'Brien
- vegas lights by Panic! At The Disco
- we don't believe what's on TV by Twenty One Pilots
- lose it by Oh Wonder

The beach
- summertime sadness by Lana Del Rey
- Riptide by Vance Joy

just a chill afternoon alone
- can't sleep love by Pentatonix
- who? by TSUKI
- smile by Nohidea
- location by Khalid
- island by Wet
- do you go up by Khai
- hope by Tim Legend

heartbroken (???)
- idfc (Tarro Remix) by Blackbear
- out loud by Gabbie Hanna
- moodz by Blackbear
- happier by Ed Sheeran
- You by Dodie
- the scientist by Corinne Bailey Rae (orginally by coldplay)
- intertwined by Dodie
- sick of losing soulmates by Dodie
- gasoline by Troye Sivan

- truce by Twenty One Pilots
- secret for the mad by Dodie
- my friends by Oh Wonder
- 6/10 by Dodie
- goner by Twenty One Pilots
- fools by Troye Sivan
- my everything by Ariana Grande
- gasoline by Troye Sivan
- cancer by Twenty One Pilots ( originally by MCR)
- It's all in vain by Wet
- taxi cab by Twenty One Pilots
- happy little pill by Troye Sivan
- car radio by Twenty One pilots
- gasoline by Troye SIvan
- guns for hands by Twenty One Pilots