How do I remove these uneasy feelings from my heart? I am feeling so so worried out of a sudden. I could feel my heart is yelling to me, jumping up and down, asking me to escape work.

As much as I want to escape work tomorrow, I can't. How I wish my workplace works like a school so that I could just not turn up for a day or two. As much as I want to report sick, I know how my manager thinks and she wouldn't let me. Honestly, I hate these feelings that are inside of me now. It's like asking me not to face reality but at the same time, it's pushing me to get out and experience pain. After all, this is life right? You have people talked about you, judging you, criticizing you, pull out your insecurities so on and so forth. But you still have to face it with a strong mindset and a sturdy heart.

My heart is feeling heavy right now. Heavy from all of the negative feelings, worrying, insecurities that are weighing me down. I need somebody to pull me up right about now but it is not even helping. Cause I realized the more they help, the more these feelings weigh me down which would led me to question their kindness. Wondering if their kindness are genuine or just to pull me down further.

More thoughts are gushing through my head like a running river right now and nobody could stop it except, my own self.

Again, how do I remove these uneasy feelings? How do I calm this heart of mine and how do I overcome these unbearable overpowering emotions that I've been battling for years?