Hery you. Yes, you. You are beautiful( in case that nobody told that today). Hey you, the girl who may have low self confidence level, the girl who always ends up crying, the boy who is bullied just for being gay, the person who does not have friends... all of you. You should raise and SHINE. Dont think about the past, it may have caused u a hundred problems and it may have hurted u. Dont think about the future. Im sure you can do it. Im sure you can accomplish your goals. Stop tying to be the "perfect" one because perfection DOES NOT EXIST. SHOUT OUT to the girls who have broken hearts; do you think a stupid boy who didnt know how to appreciate you can breake your heart?? How do you even cry on those fuckboys, princesses, your mascara is way to expensive for that!! Just forget about the one who hurt you. Move on and make him regret the day he left u!! SHOUT OUT to the boys who are being bullied just because they are gay. Just F*CK what they think. Live your life as u want. Boys can cry too, boys can love boys too. Breake the rules society made for us...JUST DO IT!
SHOUT OUT to all the paople who feel small, who have nobody to hold their hands: JUST LOVE YOURSELF! At the and of the day no one will be near you. all we have is present and all we have is ourselves. TAKE CARE OF YOUR HEART; ITS THE SOFTEST PLACE ON EARTH!!!