Hey lovely Hearters,

You, the Whi Community take our breath away with the amount of creativity, positivity, and dedication you show every day. We read your Articles enthusiastically and we constantly review your feedback.

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There’s been one particular suggestion we hear about a lot, especially since releasing Articles, and we’re bringing it to you today. Send a message to anyone!

You can contact any Hearter you find inspiring, a thought on their Article, show your support and send motivational words. Messages are now open so you can connect with each other - the perfect opportunity to reach out to like-minded people you always wanted to talk to.

Keeping you safe within our community is our top priority. With privilege comes responsibility and we know you value respect and tolerance as much as we do. That’s what our community is about. Consistent with that, there is a ZERO TOLERANCE policy on any form of negative or inappropriate messaging.

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If you feel uncomfortable in any messaging situation, block the user. We review block situations closely and act swiftly when we find inappropriate behavior, including suspending the account. If you still feel uncomfortable, you can also turn off open messaging in your settings, going back to only receiving messages from people you chose to follow.

Thank you all for being such an amazing community! Let the messaging begin.

Lots of love,
Team WHI