Sometimes honesty can be bad, but what if we all lied ALL the time?
Like literally all the time so that no word was honest.
World wouldn't be very honest place like it isn't now.

There are people who cheat on their lovers and continue to lie to them and they won't be honest if they don't have to.
Meanwhile the other one thinks everything is fine and doesn't expect anything.
That's kinda messed up, right?
So if you ever have a lover and you cheat on them, just tell them that you did some f*cked up sh*t and let them go because you have done something that can't be fixed.

There are also friends who lie and talk sh*t behind others back. Well you probably knew that already because it's kinda obvious that people talk behind other's back.
But I don't honestly think that it's necessary.
I mean I do talk sh*t about some people behind their backs. It's just so much easier to point out the bad things about people.

It even might be just honesty when you're talking 'bout the bad features or actions that someone else has/does.
And it is okay to be honest, but maybe you should try and see the positive things first.

"Everybody wants the truth, but nobody wants to be honest."

If you read this far, continue trying to be honest and positive because we can't continue ruining this life with broken hearts and fake friends. There are too many of those already. The examples I used for this article aren't the only cases when people aren't honest. see ya! <3