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This is a very autumnal recipe, which is right up my street because I adore Autumn time! Or fall, wherever you’re from it probably has a different name!

So I’m calling this an easy recipe because it is! I’ve made it the most simplest way I can think of and have created the pie pictured in the exact way I’m telling you to do it!

I am lucky enough to have a place nearby to me that have an abundance of Blackberry bushes and recently they have mostly become ripe to pick. Therefore I used just picked blackberries for my pie but it will taste just as good if you buy them!


- 1 Cooking Apple (Bramley)
- Caster Sugar
- 1 packet of JustRoll Shortcrust Pastry
- Egg Wash or Milk Wash
- Flour (for coating the side so your pastry doesn’t stick)
- Butter (for greasing the pan)


- Rolling pin (Preferably a heavy one as this will make things easier for you)
- Pie dish/flat dish with slanted sides. Oven safe.
- Oven – Preheated to 180c
- Vegetable peeler/Sharp knife
- Pastry brush
- Fork (For creating holes in the pastry so it doesn’t burst)


-Use a piece of kitchen roll or your hands to grease the inside of your tin/glass tray with butter, once this is done, place it to one side.
-Clear a large space on your counter top and sprinkle down some flour to cover the counter top.
-Cut into the block of pastry you have with one side being only slightly bigger than the other (by about 1cm).
-Once you have cut into the pastry, using a rolling pin, start to roll out the pastry, constantly turning it over and changing your angles, try and make the pastry as circular as you can.
-Once it has been rolled out to roughly a few millimetres thick, lift it up and hold it over the tray you’ve already greased up. If it looks as if it will cover the entire bottom and sides of the dish feel free to place it down and gently press it into place. If it does not fit, take it back to your rolling station and either keep rolling or start again by rolling it into a ball.
-Trim the leftover pastry from around the edge, make sure you leave enough right at the top and only take it from the sides.
-Now that the tin/pan has been lined you can start preparing your fruits.


-Firstly, make sure to wash all of your fruit, be careful with the blackberries as they will break and go everywhere if you’re not gentle.
-Leave the washed blackberries in a clean bowl to the side and wash the apple.
-Using a vegetable peeler or a sharp knife, peel the skin off of your Bramley/cooking apple (any kind of apple is fine to use, but Bramley/cooking apples keep their flavour better).
-Once you have removed the skin of the apple, core it and slice it in half. Once you have done this, cut it into slices around half a centimetre thick.
-Now you have clean and prepared fruit to start layering into your pie, there is no method to this but I tend to put apples on the base of the pie, then blackberries and keep layering it until I run out of both fruits. With the apple I tend to go in circles around with the slices, leaving as little space between as possible.
-In between each layer I sprinkle on some caster sugar, this helps the fruit cook in the oven and obviously makes the pie nice and sweet, as Bramley apples and Blackberries are very tart fruits.


-Take the pastry you left to one side before and any left over from trimming the pastry bottom. If there is a lot of trimming left over, you can use this for a decoration of the pie, if you want to do this.
-Roll out the pastry to roughly 3mm thick and evenly spread out.
-Place an egg wash on the edges of the base of the pie you have already filled to create a seal for the pastry lid.
-Hover the rolled out pastry over your pie to see if it fits, if it’s slightly too small, keep rolling it out if it’s too big you can either just place it on the pie as is or you can start again and make the lid slightly thicker.
-Once you are happy with how the lid will fit, place it down on your pie, at the edges use a fork to press together the sides of your pie, creating a seal.
-Once the sides have been pressed together you can go ahead and trim off any excess pastry with a sharp knife, use the edge of the tin/pan to guide you.
-(Optional) Using the extra pastry, decorate the top of the pie, any way you wish.
-Use a fork to pierce holes in the pastry to allow it to breathe.
-Brush an egg wash over your pie before it goes in the oven.


When cooking your pie, place in an oven preheated to 180 degrees Celsius, cook for 20 minutes before checking it. Cook until the pastry is a lovely golden brown. When you tap the top of it it shouldn’t cave and should sound almost hollow.

Serving suggestion:

When the pie is hot, take a slice and place in a serving dish, add a scoop of vanilla ice cream to make a naughty treat.

Still got leftover pastry?:

If you have a lot of excess pastry, it won’t go to waste. Put it all together and roll it out to roughly 3mm thickness. Use a cooker cutter to create circular discs of pastry.

Line a cupcake tray with butter, place the pastry discs into the cupcake tray. Once this is done, fill the discs with your favourite conserve (jam) and bake until golden brown. (You can use some excess pastry to make a lid if you’d like, a heart, a star, anything you can think up. Give the lid a little egg wash.)

Happy eating!