1.It Was My 22th Birthday Last Week And No One Remembered It. Not A Single Call Or Text From My Friends And Family. So I Woke Up The Next Day, Sat Outside My House And Cried Quietly. My Dog Came And Started Crying Too. It Was The Most Beautiful Thing Someone Has Ever Done For Me

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2.I Burned The Suicide Note I Wrote A Month Ago. Today Is A Good Day
3.I Always Check If My Friends Are Doing Well, But People Rarely Ask How I Am
4.I Try My Hardest To Make People Happy Because I Know What It’s Like To Feel Absolutely Worthless. I Don’t Want Anyone Else To Feel Like That
5.I Sometimes Feel Alone Even If I’m With Friends. I Feel Like I’m Just An Add-On When We’re Together
6.I’m Acting In A Play Where This Guy Has To Act Like He’s Secretly In Love With Me. But When The Play Ends, We Go Back To Real Life Where I’m Secretly In Love With Him
7.I Told My Unborn Son I Wasn’t Ready To Be Loved By Him. The Next Day I Miscarried
8.It’s Been Two And A Half Years But I Still Can’t Tell Those Around Me That I Am HIV Positive. So Instead Of Focusing On What I Can’t Do, I Volunteer To Help Change The Stigma Around HIV
9.Half Of My Friends Are People I Wish I’ve Never Met
10.I Want To Ask My Half-Sister If Our Estranged Dad Ever Touched Her Back When They Were Living Under The Same Roof. Or Was I His Only Victim?

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11.It Sucks To Feel Unimportant. I Know You Shouldn’t Really Expect Much From People But It Hurts To See When They Only Come To You When They Need Something. They Only Remember Me, Not Because Of Me, But For Something They Might Gain
12.I Wanted To Visit My Grandmother In The Hospital But It Was A Long Walk And I Got Lazy. The Next Day, She Passed Away
13.I Lost My Smile A Long Time Ago. Now I Go Everywhere Hoping Nobody Will Notice That This Isn’t My Smile Anymore
14.I Was Abused When I Was 6 Or 7. I Can’t Remember Which Age, But I Remember What The Abuser Did. He Drew Naked Figures, Showed Me Where To Touch, Made Me Touch Things… Things I Don’t Want To Remember. I Didn’t Know It Was Wrong Back Then, But I’m Grateful That It Didn’t Go Any Further. It Left A Big Impact On Me And I Always Blamed Myself For It. I Got OCD After That. My Every Action Repeated, My Daily Routines Repeated. I Wash Repeatedly, Lock And Unlock Doors Repeatedly, Read My School Books Repeatedly. I Repeat Words 50 To 100 Times Till It Satisfies Me. It Affected My Life So Much, And No One Knew Why. And No One Knew Why
15.I Got Drugged And Raped By Someone I Knew And Can’t Get Myself To Tell Anyone For Fear Of Victim Blaming. But On Most Days, I Can’t Help But Victim Blame Myself
16.I Like To Think The Best Of People But I Actually Think Most Humans Are Terrible
17.I Am Generally Thankful And Happy About What I’ve Got In My Life. But I Always Feel Like There Is A Black Hole In My Heart That No One Would Understand, Some Pain Just Won’t Go Away And I’m Trying Hard To Live With It
18.I Am Constantly Thinking About What Other People Think Of Me. And I Don’t Think That’s Healthy
19.I Don’t Know What I Want…
20.I’m Always The One Who Gets Left In A Relationship. I Thought I Was Okay. I Try To Convince Myself That I Am Okay. But There Are Nights When I Just Have Sudden Breakdowns And I Ask Myself So Many Questions. Is Something Wrong With Me… Am I Really Not Worth Fighting For?